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  1. Why you shouldn't slumber your stove

    Why you shouldn't slumber your stove

    Slumbering a stove refers to the practice of intentionally dampening down the fire and reducing the air supply to make the fire burn slowly for an extended period, often overnight. While it may seem convenient to slumber a stove, there are several reasons why it is generally not recommended:

    1. Inefficiency: Slumbering a stove, leads to incomplete combustion of the wood, resulting in lower efficiency and increased emissions. When the air supply is reduced, the fire does not burn at its optimum temperature, leading to smouldering and the production of more smoke and pollutants.
    2. Creosote Build-up: Slumbering can contribute to the build-up of creosote in the chimney. Creosote is a highly flammable substance that can accumulate over time when there is incomplete combustion. It increases the risk of chimney fires, which can be dangerous and potentially cause significant
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  2. How to get the most from your wood burning stove or open fire

    Wood burning stove

    To get the most out of your wood fuel it needs to be dried and ready to burn, this will help you to:

    • Get the most heat out of your stove or open fire
    • Maximise efficiency, meaning you will burn less fuel and save money
    • Reduce the risk of chimney fires
    • Reduce air pollution which is harmful to you and your neighbours

    Most modern stoves are efficient, well-designed pieces of equipment. The fire box and air flow controls are designed to get the most out of wood-fuel with a moisture content of up to 20%.  Unseasoned or wet wood can:

    • Be difficult to light and keep alight
    • Damage your grate or stove, tarring the inside and blackening the glass
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  3. New Government rules on wood burning stoves

    Woman sitting by a wood burning stove

    As gas and electricity prices rise, wood burners are becoming more popular.

    To help people get cosy during the long cold nights of winter, more than a million and a half people have wood burning stoves in their homes, With a recent boom in people switching to solid fuel alternatives to heat their homes. Although this sounds like a good idea, many may have missed the recent law changes regarding wood burning stoves.

    Owners now have to comply with all sorts of regulations and appliance exemptions and, in 2022, new laws came into force that affect the type of log burner you can buy and what you put in it.

    Are wood-burning stoves being phased out?

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  4. Twin Wall Insulated Flue System

    Premium Twin Wall Insulated Flue System

    Twin Wall Insulated Flue System

    Our premium twin wall insulated flue system should be used when you do not have an existing chimney stack to connect your appliance to.

    Our twin wall is designed for use with wood, oil, gas and low sulphur coal fuels. Constructed of 25mm mineral wool insulation, sandwiched between a 316 Grade stainless steel 0.40mm thick inner wall, and a 304 Grade stainless steel 0.40mm thick outer wall.

    Suitable for the creation of both indoor and outdoor flues, they can be used to pass through roofs and floors of buildings. This makes them suitable for use in boats, yurts, log cabins, van conversions and even garden offices.

    With a simple push fit joint system, this will save you time on your installations. Prefabricated in a variety of shapes and sizes, you simply need to mix and

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  5. ULTRAFLEX – It is simply the best!

    ULTRAFLEX Flue Liner & Components - Think Quality, Think ULTRAFLEX

    ULTRAFLEX – Quality, High Standard & Performance 

    ULTRAFLEX is British designed and manufactured right here in Kent, South East England. Installing a stove is no small investment and that is why you need a product that is easy to install, made to the highest specification and most importantly doesn’t let you down.

    Our ULTRAFLEX liners are all made of stainless steel twin-lined grade 1 quality and produced to the highest of standards. We went to the market with ULTRAFLEX with the aim of being THE INDUSTRIES NUMBER ONE and we achieved this.

    • Made of 316 or 904 grade Stainless steel (Triple lock).
    • LIFETIME WARRANTY on all Flexible Flue Liners
      (Valid as long as you own the property)
    • HETAS approved pro
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