Chimney Cowls

Here is what`s trending on national chimney supplies right now

  1. 4" Gas GC1 Terminal
    4" Gas GC1 Terminal
    £16.75 Excl. VAT per item
  2. 5" Gas GC1 Terminal
    5" Gas GC1 Terminal
    £16.99 Excl. VAT per item
  3. 6" Gas GC1 Terminal
    6" Gas GC1 Terminal
    £16.99 Excl. VAT per item
  4. Colt Cowl Anti Downdraft
    Colt Cowl Anti Downdraft
    From £38.04 Excl. VAT per item

Do you need chimney cowls?

If you are looking for chimney cowls, Flue Supplies can help! Our collection of terminals & cowlings include items for all types of fireplace and chimney constructions so we are sure to have something to suit your specific requirements. 

What is the purpose of a chimney cowl?

Chimney cowls are hoods that fit over the top of a chimney stack. They are designed to increase the upwards movement of air in the flue, ensuring that any smoke or other harmful gasses produced by a fire, are quickly removed from your home. In high winds, they help to prevent backflow of smoke, heat, soot and gases into your home, helping you to avoid the nuisances and safety hazards associated with such a problem. They are also used to stop rain from entering your chimney and many cowls include a wire mesh, which serves as a spark arrester to help avoid fires or damage to your roof. Additionally a cowl will stop birds and other animals from entering or nesting in your chimney, something that could cause an annoyance or even long-term damage.

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