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Fire Rope

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Heat resistant fire rope (or thermal rope) is used for creating heat resistant smoke tight joints in a variety of chimney applications.

It's primarily used for sealing the joint between flue pipe and stove, but can also be used in other applications such as sealing between the register plate and bricks, stove doors and glass.

We stock the following : 3mm fire rope seal, 6mm fire rope seal, 8mm fire rope seal, 12mm fire rope seal and Fire rope adhesive. All rope seal is sold by the metre.

What is the purpose of fire rope?

Fire rope has two main purposes.

  • One is to prevent oxygen being drawn into the stove or flue, which would affect the operation& efficiency of the appliance.
  • The second is to prevent combustion gases form escaping into the room.

How to install fire rope

Cut the fire rope to the required length, then insert into the join to seal, use fire rope adhesive to keep it in place.

How often should fire rope be replaced

Fire rope is a consumable component, so needs to be checked and replaced regularly. We recommend checking it at least once a year, and if there are visible cracks or defects, the rope seal should be replaced.

What is fire rope seal made of?

Fire rope is typically made from a ceramic yarn, constructed from glass fibre, and designed to withstand very high temperatures.

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